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English Version BEIER Valves Catalogues Uploading 2008-11-29

BEIER Brochure User's Manual BEIER Ball Valve
BEIER BR series Pnuematic Actuator BEIER Butterfly Valve BEIER Control Valve
BEIER Post running and product manufacture process  selection BEIER model of control valve Intelligence of BEIER company

BEIER Mill test reports GYL-20200 Top Guided Single Seat Control Valve.pdf GYL-20300 High Performance Top Guided Type Control valve.pdf
GYL-20400 Top Guided Type Cut-off Control Valve.pdf GYL-40700 GYL-40900 Cage Guided Multi-hole&Multi-stage Control Valve.pdf GYL-40500 Cage Guided Type Double Seat Control Valve.pdf
GYL-40600 Cage Guided Type Seat Type Control Valve.pdf GYL-40800 Cage Guided Labyrinth Type Control Valve.pdf GYR-50000 Ball Valve.pdf

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